Aussie TV formats in hot demand

Did you know Australian TV networks rejected the concept for Wilfred when it was initially pitched to them? The series has since gone on to complete four seasons in the US and is about to be remade in Russia. I spoke to one of the producers behind the format and several other Aussie shows getting heat in international markets.

Presenting reel

Brooke has been a guest on multiple TV programs. Here is her showreel.

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Writer, producer, editor

Hi. I’m Brooke Hemphill, a Sydney based writer, presenter and producer. You may remember me from such newspapers as the Sydney Morning Herald where I wrote Table for Eight, a weekly dating feature. Or perhaps you recall Sexperts, the online Fairfax Digital series I presented. These days I’m working with the good people of mUmBRELLA where I’m the editor of …

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Meet Australia’s Gigolos

While it may be the norm for blokes to pay women for sex, the same can’t be said for the reverse. Brooke Hemphill meets the Aussie guys who have sex for a living. Julian is 39. If you saw him in a bar you’d probably look twice. He has dark hair, blue eyes and a muscular build. He oozes confidence and knows how to hold a conversation.

The Other Big O

Read an excerpt from the 3,000 word piece on the cuddle hormone Oxytocin written for Women’s Health magazine.